Beth (always_a_boom) wrote in garrett_kate,

Garrett/Kate manip

So, I've never made anything Twilight-related before, but after falling in love with the Garrett/Kate pairing in Breaking Dawn, I DESPERATELY wanted to try a manip of them!

PLEASE feel free to edit these yourselves, I really don't like the text I've added, and would love to see what anyone else makes :D

Garrett - Josh Holloway
Kate - Diane Kruger

Comments = pure pure nomadic-vampire love.


Tags: fan art
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WOAHH, great manipulation!!!! <333333333 Good casting :D
Thanks!! :D I can't take credit for the casting, though, melia_eothria did an amazing wallpaper with Josh Holloway and Diane Kruger a few entries down :P They seem to fit Garrett and Kate brilliantly!!
That's true!!! <3 But you made the manip so... =)