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garrett_kate's Journal

Now He Tells Me
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This is a community for all Garrett and Kate shippers!

Now He Tells Me is a community dedicated to the relationship between Kate and Garrett, two vampires in the book Breaking Dawn of Stephenie Meyer.


1. FANFICS: Use this format:

<b>Author:</b> <lj user=USERNAME>
<b>URL:</b> <a href="LINK">Here</a> ((optional if you use a lj-cut))
<b>Short summary:</b> <em>Blablabla</em>

2. FAN ARTS/MANIPS: only 2 mini-previews
3. ICONS: max 3 teasers/previews
4. ETC: Everything related to Garrett/Kate is allowed here.
5. RESPECT the opinions of others. Do NOT bash Garrett/Kate nor Garrett nor Kate. Every entry/comment bashing any of these characters will be deleted.


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