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Queen of Everything

Fanfiction: Holding Onto Hope

Title: Holding Onto Hope
Author: LJ: SnarkySweetness; FF net: SchwartzyLogainne
Characters/Pairings: Katrina with appearances by Alice and Garrett; Kate character piece with implications of Kate/Garrett
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, really, except for Katrina’s innuendo and flirting.
When: Set Post Eclipse before the wedding, then during Breaking Dawn after Garrett’s arrival.
Summary: Kate reflects on the Cullens’ relationships and her longing to find a partner.
Disclaimer: SMeyer owns… but if she ever wants to give Garrett away, I will gladly take him.
Author's Note: Merry Christmas 823freckles, I hope you enjoy. *Also, I really love Katrina, so having a chance to write her kicks ass. Glad someone else likes Kate/Garrett.*

I Felt Hope.
Tags: fanfiction
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